Enjoy Our Positive Y.A.M.I. Testimonials

Sarah Berry
2013-2014 Young American Pre-Teen Miss International

Hi!  I am Sarah Berry, your 2013-2014 Young American Pre-Teen Miss International! I come to you from Sunny Florida!  When I traveled all the way to St. Louis to participate in Nationals, I had no idea I would win and I still can't hardly believe it.  This has been such an amazing year for me.  My friends and family are proud and excited for me, my school is proud of me, and my swin and dance teams are also happy for me.  During my reign so far I have done volunteer work such as Meals on Wheels to serve meals to the elderly and disabled in their homes.  The people enjoy seeing a Queen on their doorsteps and actually make ME feel really special. I plan to do many more things this year including reading stories to younger kids and working on a retired horse farm...  Volunteering is simple, fun, and helps others.  Try it!

I look forward to the coming year helping my State Director at fun events and activities as well as with Miss Melissa at the Nationals for 2014! I wish to show girls everywhere how fun and rewarding it is to be a Y.A.M.I. Queen. I have made many friends, developed more confidence, and traveled half-way across country for the experience of a Lifetime... It can all be yours to experience.... Hope to see you at the Pageant!
Best of Luck Always... Queen Sarah

Kaitlin Larson
2013-2014 Young American Jr-Teen Miss International

Hello everyone.  My name is Kaitlin Larson and I am proud to be an American and also proud to reign with my title as Young American Jr-Teen Miss International. During my reign, I am focusing on the VETSROLL Organization.  The goal of  VetsRoll is to provide free charter coach transportation and an experience for World War II and Korean era US Military Veterans as well as Rosie the Rivelers to visit their memorials before they pass. I selected VetsRoll as my platform in honor of Harold Rakow, my grandfather, a World War II veteran who never had the opportunity to visit his memorial.


Miley Southall
*West Virginia*
2013-2014 Young American Little Miss International

Hello, my name is Miley Southall!  This was my first year competing with Y.A.M.I. and it was amazing... I won the Little Miss International title!  The pageant was so much fun and I liked being with the real girls... real nice girls...amazing. The on stage Patriotic wear event was exciting. Then I was in Top 5 and got to model my formal dress.  I was shocked to hear my name called that I didn't hardly know what was going on until the crown went on MY head! I also won Best Photogenic award. My Mommy cried with joy for me and it was great to make my parents proud. Even though I'm little, I've started doing Community service and that means I can be a role model too. My leadership is endless. I can do it and I know my title is what I make of it.  My family and I love that the pageant is a NATURAL pageant and everyone is amazing from the staff, to my sister Queens, to the Directors. I'm glad I got to be in the pageant and Miss Melissa is amazing to us all.  Wish me LUCK on my special journey this year...
God Bless... Hugs and Kisses from your
Young American Little Miss International!

Laurie Pierce
2013-2014 Young American Ms. International

I have participated in the Young American Miss Internationals for 3 years.  The first time I saw the pageant, I loved the Patriotic/Red-White-Blue them and how creative everyone was with their outfits and showing their personality.  I knew I had to be a part of this great pageant.  It looked so FUN and it was!  If you are looking for something where you can focus on giving back in your community while having the time of your life and meeting amazing young ladies and women, look no further! Y.A.M.I. is for you!  I have learned from my experiences and even though I did not win the first time, I took home great memories with me and I still felt like a winner. I am so honored to be a part of the Y.A.M.I. family as an International Queen.  I can't wait to see YOU at Nationals and who knows, I might be crowning YOU next!

Lauryn Hinckley
*North Dakota*
2013-2014 Young American Teen Miss International

Hi!  This has been my daughter's favorite pageant program of all time!  The people are so much fun that put on the pageant, attend, and participate. We love that this is also based on volunteering in our community and giving back. It is a great way to learn how to be a volunteer also. My daughter has learned so much through participation as royalty but also in community service.  This pageant also allowed her to express her personality through the fun Patriotic wear on stage event also. We have had a blast and are so fortunate to represent Y.A.M.I. as a great Natural Pageant. I highly recommend Young American Miss!
Lynette Hinckley * Proud Mom to this National Queen!


Allison Gauthreaux
2012 Young American Jr-Teen Miss International

2013 Young American Miss International Queen of Queens

Hi, Everyone!  My name is Allison Gauthreaux.  I am the 2013 Young American Miss International Queen of Queens.  My journey to the crown began two years ago at the Texas, Lousiana, Oklahoma state DGUSA pageant, where I first heard of the YAMI nationals.  In 2012, I entered the YAMI national pageant.  I was very nervous because I had only been in a few pageants, and wasn't certain that I was ready for such a prestigious event, but the YAMI pageant family quickly put my fears at ease and I was crowned the 2012 National Jr Teen Queen!  I spent one INCREDIBLE year representing the title as proudly and honorably as I could.  And then, at the end of a great year, I prepared myself to give up the title to the next deserving young lady to receive the crown.  But, at the 2013 National pageant, I was surprised and honored to be crowned the new Queen of Queens!  I was overcome with absolute excitement!  I am so blessed to be part of such a wonderful pageant system, and so happy to be representing YAMI once again!  If you are looking for positive, fair, and natural pageantry, I strongly encourage you to join our pageant family!  We would love to have you!  
Chase your dreams, reach for the stars, and best of luck to you all.  
       Sincerely, Allison Elizabeth Gauthreaux

Your 2013 YAMI Queen of Queens

Jenna Kusch
* Young American Little Miss International

2012-2013 * Young American Miss International Queen of Queens

Hi!  My name is Jenna Kusch and I am your 2011-2012 Young American Little Miss.  I first participated in Y.A.M.I at the Midwest Pageant in April 2011.  I did not win, but that did not stop me.  I signed up for Y.A.M.I. at nationals and WON!  I don’t know who was more surprised, my mom or me!  But I got a national title which is something I have dreamed of!

During my reign as Young American Little Miss, I plan to attend many parades and community activities to promote Y.A.M.I as positive pageantry and the message of the value of community service.  I have done some community service so far and plan to do more.  I may be a Little Miss, but I have big dreams!!

Thanks to Miss Melissa for making this such a positive experience!  My family is involved with everything I do, so not only is this a great experience for me, it is for my family as well!  I can’t wait to come back to nationals again in 2012!

Kaylea Bixler

Young American Junior Miss International

Hi!  I am Kaylea Bixler, your 2009-2010 Young American Junior Miss International Queen.  Just a few short months ago, I came to St. Louis to have a great family vacation and to participate in the pageants for Young American Miss and Dream Girls USA.  I expected to have a good time but what I got was a GREAT time and tons of new friends.  I loved modeling my red, white and blue patriotic wear and seeing all the other girls' outfits too.  What a privelege it has been to reign for Y.A.M.I. this year.  I have done so much community service with my title but my favorites have been working at the many "relay for life" programs in my State of Oklahoma.  I recently helped blow up 700 balloons for the "Light of the Night" walk for Lymphoma Research.  This title gives me the opportunity to be in so many activities that helps others and when it is with kids, they always LOVE my crown!  I am so thankful to Miss Melissa for showing how she really cares about all the contestants and their families. She always takes the time to stop and talk to you no matter how busy she is.  If you want to have a great time, see some awesome patriotic outfits and make some new friends then join ME this year at Y.A.M.I. See ya there!!!!  Queen Kaylea

Hailey Benoit

Young American Little Miss Illinois
Young American Little Miss International

It was not long ago that I stood on the stage during Y.A.M.I. State. I was so thrilled when they announced that I WON Little Miss!  I had such a great time representing my title. Community service is a priority in my family and to be able to do it with my Y.A.M.I. title is such a treat. My Mom and I do lots of things together to help other people in our community.

Then it was OFF to Nationals!  I just can't begin to tell you how much fun it was. To be surrounded by all my sister queens all being so nice to me and to be on stage while all my friends were cheering me on, IT MADE ME SO HAPPY! Then the best thing happened.. I ACTUALLY WON the International Little Miss title! It was so wonderful and then when I got off the big stage surrounded by all my friends made me feel special.  I can say this has been a great time and if you want to have fun, dress up and meet tons of new friends I say sign up for Y.A.M.I.  I did and it has been the best!  Thank you!

Emily Avera

Young American Jr. Teen Miss International

Hi! My name is Emily Avera and I am the 2009-2010 Young American Jr. Teen Miss International Queen.  Young American Miss has opened up so many opportunities for me from modeling to helping other people!  I am so happy and honored to be a national queen. Miss Melissa is GREAT and she is organized, fun, and makes sure all of the queens strive to make our reign the very best it can be.  I am very excited that Y.A.M.I. is about more than just outer beauty and that it is also about your inner qualities and setting examples for others.  If I could, I would definitely be a Y.A.M.I. queen forever!!!!  Young American Miss Rocks!!!  XoXo

Marissa Weiler
2007-2008 Young American Miss Int'l 
State & National * Jr-Teen Miss Queen
2008-2009 * Young American Miss Int'l
Queen of Queens

"Being a Y.A.M.I. Queen has been an absolutely incredible experience for me. The Young American Miss program is a wonderful pageant that encourages young ladies and women to become involved in their communities. Being a Queen has also helped me with my social and communication skills. I feel it also helps improve our self confidence in all we do! I have been fortunate to be involved in many volunteer efforts such as "Kids Fight Cancer", The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, and the Special Olympics program, just to name a few. Being in parades, meeting celebrities and making appearances is so much fun too! We all have role models, someone we can look up to, and seeing myself as a role model to others is very important because it gives me a chance to encourage others to let them know that they CAN be successful, they can strive to reach goals, and that they should never give up on their dreams. Thank you to Miss Melissa for offering Young American Miss International Pageants to girls everywhere so they can have the chance to make their dreams come true, like I did!"

Rachel Bruno
Young American Pre-Teen
Miss Illinois Queen

"Hi! I'm Rachel Bruno and I have the honor of being the first Young American Miss Illinois Pre-teen Queen.  I have been extremely proud to represent my state at home and at the National event this past May!  It was so exciting to compete at Nationals and I won Overall Best Community service and first runner up in my age group. A great honor and so exciting.  When Miss Gladys announced MY name at State I couldn't believe it. The crown is very beautiful and the trophy was huge! This pageant has been so fun as formalwear and the modeling part are two of my favorite parts of a pageant.  We also submitted our photogenic picture and an application telling all about ourselves and what our community service goals or efforts are. I love doing all kinds of community service and volunteering, so this part was fun and easy to do. In fact, the application part of YAMI can help me or other girls when in future we may want to try out for Miss Teen USA! 

I have been a part of many wonderful events this past year as an official YAMI queen that I wish to share.  I made 88 fleece blankets for children at a local hospital. I helped the Evanston Police raise money for the "Special Olympics" and with "Polar Plunge". I walked and walked and walked...for a GREAT cause for "Relay for Life" to raise money for cancer research. In addition, I hosted a "Pampered Chef" fun party to raise donations also for cancer research. YAMI is an awesome program for any girl or especially someone new to pageantry. It is a great way to become involved and stay involved with the programs USA Productions offers such as "Dream Girls USA". As Miss Melissa says "Don't Just Dream It...Do it!!!"... I did and so can you!

Shelby Presley
2008-2009 Young American Miss Int'l
Jr.-Teen Miss Queen

"When my name was announced on stage at the YAMI Nationals over Memorial Day weekend 2008, I was so excited!  Volunteering is a very important part of my life and I am proud to be a part of an organization where caring for others is a priority.  Being Jr.-Teen Miss for YAMI has been very rewarding so far! My title HAS opened many doors for me to share my platform with others.  I focus on special needs children and their families.  I spend time providing childcare, helping out around their house, or just sometimes lending an ear.  I am currently working with my mom on starting a non-profit organization called "Lindsey Claire Bears" in honor of my niece who passed away 7 years ago from a rare genetic disorder.  YAMI has helped build my confidence and self-esteem even more than I could ever imagine and I am very honored and proud to be an American and to be....
Your 2008 Young American Miss International Jr.-Teen Miss!"

Shawna Paulson
Young American Miss Int'l
Royalty Supreme Queen

"Winning the Young American Miss Int'l this past May was one of the best things that ever happened to my family and I.  It was a privelege to be one of the winners when I was competing against girls 3X my age!  This new Royalty Supreme title has brought us so many new adventures and challenges.  My family and I have chosen to focus on "The American Diabetes Association", doing fundraising and appearances.  It has been great and such an honor to be able to help millions of people with this lifelong disease. Thank you to Miss Melissa and YAMI Pageants for making this all possible for me."

Katerina Pasat
2008-2009 Young American Miss Int'l
Royalty Supreme Queen

"YAMI Pageants is an amazing pageant program. Not only is it fun, but it keeps me focused on important issues such as public speaking and community service. It's OUR choice to volunteer in our community and it makes me feel good to help others. I look forward to being a part of YAMI as it grows for years and years to come.  I recommend Young American Miss to all young ladies interested in achieving their personal goals."

Tiffany McCall
Young American Miss Int'l
 Supreme Lifetime Queen

"It is an honor to be a role model to all contestants and new Queens for the Young American Miss International Pageant Program. Through Y.A.M.I. Pageants I have seen new doors open for many of our coveted Queens.  Not only are they dedicated to their titles, but they give of their time to help in some way in their communities for so many charitable causes. We CAN all make a difference by being proud americans and helping others whether we are a titleholder or not. I believe that being successful is equal to having a vision, taking action, and never giving up on your goals and dreams!"